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5 Habits that Harm Teeth

bad habits

Even if you brush and floss everyday, there are some common daily habits that put your teeth at increased risk for disease or damage. At our Potomac Falls dental office, we’re here to educate our patients on all the ways they can help keep their smiles in the best shape, so we’ve included a guide… Read more »

Is Kissing Good for Your Oral Health?


Kissing can be beneficial for your oral health, and even your overall health. Endorphins are released when we kiss and and that is good for every single part of our bodies. It burns calories, exercises our facial muscles, and releases tension. Kissing can even boost your immune system. As far as your oral health goes,… Read more »

The Effects of Eating Disorders on Teeth

eating disorder

Eating disorders are an epidemic that plague over 10 million Americans. While they’re typically more common in teenagers and adult women, eating disorders can affect anyone despite age or gender. They’re particularly dangerous for the body and for mental health, but they can also negatively affect your mouth. Types of Eating Disorders There are several… Read more »

Top 3 Benefits of Smiling

A smile can do more for you than simply express emotion. There are also a multitude of health benefits associated with the act of smiling. All of us at our Potomac Falls dental office want to share the top benefits behind turning your frown upside down, showing off your pearly whites, and grinning from ear to… Read more »

Show Your Snow-White Smile This Winter

Artist Antoinette van Kleeff once said, “When snow falls, nature listens.” Our  Potomac Falls dental practice is always ready to listen, especially when it comes to maintaining your pearly whites.  Give us a call with questions and don’t forget to follow these simple steps to help ward off unsightly stains. Brushing Up on Stain Prevention… Read more »

Fresh Breath Tips For a Perfect Mistletoe Smooch

This time of year means more mistletoe and festive parties with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you’re greeting someone with a smooch or simply engaging in a close conversation, make sure your breath is fresh by brushing up on these helpful dental hygiene tips. Our Potomac Falls dental office wants you to ring in the… Read more »

Alcohol’s Effect on Oral Health

A glass of wine at family dinner. A few beers at the bar while catching up with old friends. A mixed drink or two at the office holiday party. When it comes to alcohol, it’s a fairly standard beverage of choice for U.S. adults. While enjoying it in moderation is reasonable, problems with both overall… Read more »