Implant Dentistry

A Minimalist, Natural Way to Replace Teeth

Dental implants are among the best methods to provide comfortable, reliable tooth replacement therapy. They’re made of titanium roots which are actually placed into the jaw, similar to the way your natural teeth are actually held in place. Titanium encourages new bone formation around this artificial root, which makes it able and stable to support several teeth on only a single root.

Implants are used for:

  • Single tooth replacement and support of individual dental crowns
  • Supporting multi-tooth dental bridges
  • Anchoring permanent implant-supported dentures into place

Each implant looks and feels the same as a real tooth. They are very easy to care for and stay in place forever. Our patients that choose implant-retained dentures find the dentures of theirs to be less invasive, more comfortable, and much easier to eat or even speak with. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-retained dentures don’t cover the roof of the lips. Their unique “U” shape covers just the arch of the bone, freeing up space for the tongue and roof of the mouth and making conversations and meals much easier. They also never come out!

After your consultation, PK Dentistry partners with an implant surgeon for the placement of the implant root. The titanium root is actually placed and given a period of time for new bone formation to occur. Once healing is complete, our dentists fabricate a porcelain crown, bridge, or denture to be anchored in place over your implant and abutment. From your initial consultation to your prosthesis delivery, we will guide you through the whole process step-by-step.