Sedation Dentistry

An Easy Way to Enjoy Dentistry

At PK Dentistry, we realize that some people do not like going to the dentist, or even just hate it altogether. We’re dedicated to offering several methods that ease patient anxiety and make your experience in our office one that you will think back on in a good way. We do this by offering 2 types of sedation in our office. Either option is effective, safe and can be used during literally any sort of dental procedure regardless of how small or big your dental health care needs are.

Sedation is ideal for individuals that have/are:

  • Mild to severe anxiety about dental care
  • Very sensitive teeth and gums
  • A need to finish all of their treatment in one visit
  • The inability to sit down for longer periods of time for dental care
  • A history of bad experiences with dentists.

We invite you to visit us for a free consultation to learn whether Invisalign braces are an alternative for your smile straightening needs.

Oral Sedation

Anxiety should not stop you from getting the care you need to have, or cause you to put treatment off until it is more severe. Our oral sedation option utilizes prescription medication to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your entire visit with us. Despite the fact that you will have the ability to talk, walk, answer simple questions or instructions, the vast majority of oral sedation patients will not remember a single thing about their appointment. The majority of the time you will simply feel as in case you had taken a light nap throughout your visit with us. Most medication is taken about an hour before your appointment and completely wears off a couple of hours after it is taken, so you will need to have a friend or family member escort you to and from our office. Oral sedation is good for patients that would like to have all of their treatments completed during a single visit.

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is not difficult to administer and completely safe for all ages. A lot of people feel relaxed and experience less anxiety when they request nitrous oxide. Nitrous is actually administered using a nosepiece that delivers a constant stream of oxygen at the same time. Unfortunately, nitrous is not suitable for patients with severe nasal allergies or congestion since breathing through the nose might be tough. After the treatment is completed, nitrous oxide effects are completely reversed within 5-10 minutes as a steady stream of hundred percent oxygen is administered. With nitrous oxide use it’s absolutely safe to drive back to work or home afterward.